Community Navigation

The Community Navigation program is an essential service offered through the Immigrant and Refugee Center of Northern Colorado; the work done by our community navigators complements what occurs in the classrooms and further expands our mission with its emphasis on self-sufficiency.

The function of our Community Navigation office is to help clients with any daily contingent need that arises. Often, those client requests can be as seemingly small as requesting that his or her mail is translated into his or her native language. While seeming minimal, this task is quite essential for our clients: how else can you know that your health insurance benefits are changing, for example, without translating the official correspondence from the state. So too, our Navigators often help clients with immigration questions, with finding a primary care physician, with finding appropriate legal representation, or anything in between.

Take a look at the graphics below to see what our Navigators are spending their time working on with our clients. You can also download a PDF version of those graphics here. After, take a look at the “Navigating Noco” page to see resources we are constructing every day.