IRCNOCO Board of Directors

German Hernandez (President)
Araceli Calderon (Vice President)
Jessica Cooney (Secretary)
Bianca Fisher
Colleen Sonnentag
Megan Bissell
Michael Seefried
Mandi Houston
Margaret Thompson



Lisa taylor, executive director

Lisa is the Executive Director of IRCNOCO. Prior, Lisa had been the Executive Director of Right to Read of Weld County. 
In her capacity as Executive Director, Lisa manages all major grants, partnerships, staff, and daily operations. Lisa additionally sits on a variety of boards across the county to further the mission of our organization as well as to raise the profile of our clients.

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Joni Lopez, assistant director

Joni Lopez is the Assistant Director of IRC, and she is responsible for all of the education programs being run through the organization, the Little Learners Program, Tutoring Services, and administration. Prior to being with IRC, Joni had been the Interim Director of the Global Refugee Center.

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Collin cannon, director of advocacy and development

Collin is the Director of Advocacy and Development, where he oversees the Community Navigator Program, advocacy efforts, and community outreach in the form of events, press, and digital media. Further, Collin lectures on immigration policy, manages online efforts, oversees grants, and facilitates partnerships too. 

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Roseline Mugaruka—Women's Empowerment Coordinator

Roseline is the Women's Empowerment Coordinator, where she oversees existing and incoming opportunities to raise the economic mobility of our women clients as well as their social and emotional well being.

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IRCNOCO Office Staff & Little Learners


Kim Destree - Little Learners Coordinator

Kimberly is the coordinator of the Little Learner program at the IRCNOCO. She organizes classroom activities, trains volunteers, and handles all Little Learner's scheduling. In addition, Kimberly coordinates volunteers for the District 6 Little Learners classroom. Kimberly is passionate about bilingual education and is currently pursuing an Elementary Education licensure and TESOL certification at the University of Northern Colorado.


Carolina Hermosa—Office


Abby Nelson—Office Aide