The youth in our community are ready to take on the biggest questions we are wrestling with today — all they need is the opportunity to do so. Youth Empowerment aims to make this a reality by selecting fifteen of the brightest students from Greeley Central High School and assisting their pathway into higher education or vocational training. Using the network we have created through our work in the community, we provide connections for youth still in school who are in the stage of life where they are still honing their interests.

Cultivating tomorrow’s leaders today
— Program motto

This page is intended to function as a “home base” for the Youth Empowerment Program. Resources that are needed, schedules, contact information, as well as success stories can all be found on this platform. It’s the starting point for the answers to all of your questions (unless those questions are too hard for a webpage, in which case you’ll have to call us!).

To begin, click on the image to the right to see our orientation packet handed out to each of the incoming cohort members for 2019–2020. This packet outlines what services we can offer to members of the cohort, what our expectations of their participation look like, as well as what we are going over during our initial intake process.

Below is a set of links that one can click on in order to access needed information during program implementation. In these links you can find out how to take your intake online, how to contact your Mentor, or how to apply for the coming year’s next cohort.

Program Participants:

Success Stories: