Getting around Greeley

is essential to opening up job opportunities, educational opportunities, and participatig in social activities. 

There are many ways to get around, and we will continue to add more options as these pages are being constructed. In the meantime, check out this information about the Greeley Evans Transit. Also, visit their webpage

Rules of the Road: 

Driving in the United States & Colorado

Driving in the United States might be different than where you are from. While this page is not going to cover every rule or guideline, we want to make sure some basic rules of the road are understood. These guidelines—and more that we are not including here—should be followed every single time you are on the road.


  1. Rule 1: You must know how to drive, and you must have taken a driving test in the United States and be validated by an accredited driving school in the United States.
    In other words, it does not matter if you know how to drive elsewhere; here in the U.S., we need to make sure you know how to drive according to the rules and standards of this country.

  2. You must have a valid driver's license or permit in order to drive. Again, it does not matter whether or not you just know how to drive: you must also have a valid license or permit in order to do so. For Colorado's laws regarding licenses, please visit the DMV website here.

  3. You must have car insurance in order to drive. This is not just an extra accessory, all Colorado drivers must have proof of current insurance in order to drive. Being caught without insurance will not only get you in trouble, but it will also make the cost of accidents must higher for you. You must also have valid car registration in order to drive.

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For more information regarding Colorado driving laws or best practices while operating a vehicle, please visit the Department of Motor Vehicle's website page.

DMV Colorado

For an informational brochure about car seats, please download this brochure from Car Seats Colorado.

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