Sponsor our Event

Becoming an event sponsor has a lot of perks, and we hope your company or organization will be eager to join us!

If you see a sponsorship level that stands out to you most, take the next step of securing your place by emailing Collin for further details. 

Once payment is received, your seats will be confirmed, and you will see all of your promotions going up in the following 24-hours.

Email Collin by clicking here, or emailing collin@ircnoco.org with the subject line "A Walk In Their Shoes Sponsorship."

Sponsoship details

  • Title Sponsor – $5,000
    In becoming the title event sponsor, your organization will be named as the co-host, you will be given a platform to speak to the attendees, have your logo featured on all materials and digital materials for the event and beyond, and will receive 50 free admissions.
  • VIP Sponsor – $3,000
    In becoming a VIP Sponsor, your organization will receive 30 free admissions, you may bring a booth, and you will be thanked for your sponsorship across all of our digital mediums for the duration of the event and past the event too.
  • Gold Sponsor – $1,500
    In becoming a Gold Sponsor, your organization will receive 16 free admissions, will have your name on all marketing materials below the VIP sponsors, will be thanked on our social media platforms, and you may bring a booth to speak with attendees.
  • Silver Sponsor – $750
    In becoming a silver sponsor, your organization will receive 8 free tickets, you will be thanked on all of our social media platforms, in our newsletter, and you will be featured on our event website page.
  • Bronze Sponsor – $500
    In becoming a bronze sponsor, you will receive 4 free tickets and your organization will be thanked on all of our social media platforms and on the event page on our website.