Journey of Hope

Join IRCNOCO for a night of storytelling, community building, and art at the University Center's Panorama Room on March 23rd. Modeled after the storytelling phenomenon, "The Moth," immigrant and refugee students from IRCNOCO will share their stories with the audience in the hopes that we can begin putting faces and names to the issue of international displacement we often hear so much about. This event will have limited seating, so do reserve your seat soon! Seats are available individually or as whole tables.

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Event Details

Friday, March 23rd

Panorama Room
University Center, UNCO
2101 10th Ave, Greeley, CO 80631

Dinner will be served.


Event Menu:

South of the Border
Chicken & Vegetarian Fajitas
Flour & Corn Tortillas
Frijoles Negros
Spanish Rice
Lettuce, Tomato, Sour Cream, Cheese, Salsa, Guacamole
Cilantro Lime Shrimp

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More about the event

Stories throughout the night will follow our speakers' journeys from beginning to end. Starting with stories about home, we will hear immigrant and refugee students from IRCNOCO describing the life they had before coming the United States. We'll then hear about displacement, the road between home and here, the first few weeks in America, and what gives each storyteller hope in this new place. These stories will be raw, funny, difficult, and fully and authentically human. These stories are doors through which we, as an organization, hope to invite our guests through into our world. This night will be about getting to know people as more than just their labels.


To help showcase the stories being told, we will use a variety of mediums: stories, visual arts, food, music, and conversation. 
We are incredibly grateful to Armando Silva for collaborating with IRCNOCO for this event. Check out this video of Armando below to learn more about the artist.

Journey of Hope Butterfly.png

The Story of the Butterfly

Butterflies represent so much in our culture: beauty, life, growth, spring, resurrection, change, peace. For such a small insect, it carries so much incredible symbolic weight. We want this image to imply all of these metaphors and more. 

When you look at a butterfly as a shape, it somewhat resembles a funnel: two wide wings being channeled into a thin middle before erupting again onto the other side. When you look at border crossings from above, the same shape emerges.
Only an artist could have seen this incredible imagery! Lucky for us, one of Greeley's best artists, Wes Sam Bruce, saw this similarity and represented that movement and story of change onto the wings of this butterfly. To us, this butterfly is how we represent the Journey of Hope: it is our students, our organization, our city, our society. Our story is written on its wings—and we continue to write that story daily. Together, let's make our story one worth telling.

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Burris Optics has been a long-time supporter of Right to Read and IRCNOCO. We are incredibly grateful to their company for its history to supporting incredible nonprofits in the Northern Colorado area. Click on the image to visit their website and support them!

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