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How should I prepare for a doctor’s appointment?

Be on Time:

→ In the U.S., many offices expect you to show up exactly on time or early. This means that if your appointment card says to come at 9:00 AM, you should try to arrive by 8:45 AM.


What to Bring:

  • Your current insurance card(s)

    1. Form of payment for costs not covered by insurance

    2. Valid photo ID (eg passport, driver’s license, etc.)

    3. A list of the names of medicines you are taking (or bring the actual medicines with you to show the doctor)

    4. A list of any questions you have for your doctor


More information on going to the doctor:


What About Insurance?

Healthcare can be expensive in the United States. Health insurance helps to keep your medical expenses from becoming completely unaffordable, especially if you have a medical emergency.

For insurance to work, you must pay a certain amount of money each month - this is your “insurance premium.” This may seem expensive, but it is still less expensive than if you get injured and don’t have insurance to help you pay a medical bill.

Insurance is currently mandatory - which means you must have some form of insurance.

Learn More About Insurance:


Common Insurance Terms:


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