Mobile Food Pantry

Provided every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month by the Weld County Food Bank.

The mobile food pantry is a great way to get involved in volunteering for two great organizations at once, the Weld Food Bank and the Immigrant and Refugee Center! Meeting twice a month for three hours each, this volunteer opportunity focuses on helping our food insecure clients have access to healthy options for their whole family. Each time we gather, about 15 volunteers are able to serve between 100–200 families with an assortment of vegetables, fruits, refreshments, breads, and sometimes an array of meats or other entrées too. 


Where to meet:
917 10th Ave, Greeley, CO 80631

As we use the parking lot to hand out the food, please be sure not to park in the lot if you are a volunteer.


What to Expact when I volunteer

Volunteering with the mobile food pantry is not very difficult, and you'll be a pro by the time your first shift is finished. On the day of the food pantry, we ask that volunteers meet together at the church by 9:00am (please don't park in the parking lot where we will be doing the food truck!). Once we meet, we will all get to know each other and assign roles depending upon how many unique food items the food pantry is bringing that day. For example, if there are 10 unique items, we will assign one person per item and have the other five volunteers be on family-helper duties, restocking, or sign-in. 
Handing out items is just what it sounds like: counting out how many items each person gets and bagging those items for people to take.
Family helpers help people carry their food down the line and to their cars.
Restockers keep an eye on how the baggers are doing on which items they are low on.
And sign-in volunteers call out the number of the recipient to come through the line and receive the goods.

Not too difficult! We hope we can get your help at the next one!

Information for food recipients

Receiving food from this mobile food pantry is a no-questions-asked affair. Join us on the second and fourth Fridays of the month at 917 10th Ave to receive a nutritious assortment of goods from he Weld County Food Bank. We do not check citizenship status at this event, and we do not ask for identification.

Some rules when participating:
Please do not arrive at the location before 8:30am. This location is still a functioning church and business, and they need to know when people are arriving.

Please do not collect your number from the ticket attendant and then leave. We ask that when you receive your ticket, that you stay until you have used that ticket.

Be patient.

If you can, bring appropriate weather gear as well as appropriate materials to carry heavy loads of food back to your vehicle or back home. We recommend something with wheels that can allow food to be placed next to each other instead of stacked!