You can make a difference.

Our impact is multiplied when we combine our resources. In donating today, you are aligning yourself with the mission to make sure educational services are a right afforded to everyone, regardless of their income, citizenship status, or nationality.

If you cannot afford to give, help us out in a way that you can. We will always need people spreading the word about our services, sharing our social media posts and fundraising efforts, as well as turning up to our events. Our mission is to make sure that no one who could benefit from our help is unaware of our name; you can help us make that mission a reality.



Donations of any size help, but here are some metrics to help you understand how far your dollar goes with us.

$35 buys a student textbook and workbook

$70 covers the cost of one semester's tuition and books

$125 Pays for a High School Equivalency Exam

$875 pays for textbooks and workbooks for an entire class

$2,000 pays our building rent and utilities for a month

$5,500 One class and all associated costs

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