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Welcome to the Census 2020 portal from the Immigrant & Refugee Center of Northern Colorado. This page will help guide viewers toward the appropriate resources in their own language to learn all about the forthcoming census. Click on the box below to find resources available in your own language. If you are not finding what you need, please do not hesitate to contact our Director of Advocacy, Collin, via email.


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Census 101: What is it and why does it matter to me?

It is hard to feel compelled to participate in something one does not fully understand, let alone something that is mandated. To that end, let’s discuss some of the practical ways the census is used and how it impacts immigrant and refugee communities here in Greeley.

Why do we have a census?

The United States has a census taken every ten years, as mandated by the U.S. Constitution. The process is undertaken every decade to ensure an accurate count of all people living in the United States is obtained, such that the proper allocation of representation and resources can occur.

What kinds of resources are allocated because of the census?

The Census allocates $675 billion in federal funds to programs such as Free & Reduced Lunch, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Federal Health Center Programs, and State Children Health Insurance.

How to take the census:

Every person in the United States is mandated to take the census. This year, people can respond online, on the phone, or by mail.

How does this impact Weld County?

Weld County is quickly growing, thanks in part to our immigrant and refugee populations. These populations seek out a place to live in Greeley often because of three factors: relatively low cost of living compared to other locals along the front range, more access to jobs in meat packing or agriculture, as well as the ability to live close to friends and family who are living in the area. Further, the close proximity to the mountains, to the Denver metro area, as well as to the plains, makes Greeley an attractive municipality for anyone to come live .

Click on the fact sheet on the right to learn more about Weld County, and Greeley, have been growing over the last few years.

One will notice how our county and city can greatly benefit from increased funding to the programs listed above, for which the census will be hugely impactful.

Local Efforts

The City of Greeley is working with volunteers from local businesses and nonprofits, and fellow municipalities to build a homegrown 2020 Census effort. The goal of this community-led campaign is to inform our residents about the importance of the census in local affairs, while working to achieve a complete and accurate count of all persons in our community in April of 2020.

We are one year away from the 2020 Census and a host of local governments and organizations came together for a Local Kickoff Event on the Weld County Courthouse steps to urge community participation in the Census. View, like, tag yourself in, and share the Facebook Album.