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Cultural Exchange Project

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We believe that american culture is not monolithic but pluralistic.

That was the starting point for this whole idea.

Back in 2018, IRCNOCO was approached by Professor Michael Kimball of the UNC Anthropology Department. Professor Kimball had heard of a grant opportunity that would help facilitate a cultural exchange between newcomers living in the United States and others around the world. We thought this was too exciting an opportunity to miss, so we applied for the grant as a collaborative effort. In our application, we talked about the incredible diversity existing in Greeley and about how these newcomer groups are contributing to the vibrancy of our growing city.

Luckily, we were one of six organizations across the country chosen to participate!

In this selection process, the granting organization “paired” us with a research institution in India, Bhasha Research, whom we were to be patterned with for the cultural exchange.

Here’s how the exchange will work in 2019:

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It begins with an In-person exchange to Greeley, CO

This exchange program begins by welcoming our Chhara guests here to Greeley, Colorado. Doing so allows the participants on both sides to come better acquainted, get familiar with the program expectations, as well as train for the synchronous and asynchronous exchanges. Below is a PDF version of the whole agenda for the in-person exchange.

Some of the events we are most looking forward to in February include:

  1. Super Bowl party on February 3rd at the UNC Fults House.

  2. A bus tour of the City of Greeley

  3. Touring the Global Village Museum in Fort Collins

  4. Introducing our guests to students at the Immigrant and Refugee Center.

  5. Meeting with State Representative Rochelle Galindo at the State Capitol in Denver.

  6. Watching a performance of Vera Stark at UNC.

  7. Seeing the performance of Chhara history at the Atlas Theater on February 15th.

Download Event agenda for in-person exchange here.

See pictures from the In-person Exchange to Colorado