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Welcome to the Careers Program, facilitated by the Immigrant & Refugee Center of Northern Colorado and Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountains, and administered by the Colorado Refugee Services Program. The function and mission of this program is to facilitate career pathways for refugees through navigation, training, and education so that they find not only self-sufficiency but success in Colorado.

Learning About Work

Through career exploration and goal planning, job seekers learn the steps needed to pursue their career pathway.

  • Goal Planning

  • Education Exploration

  • Career and Skill Assessment

  • Career Exploration and Preparation

  • Peer Mentor Activities

Upskilling For work

With education, certifications, and work-based learning, job seekers develop the skills needed for their career.

  • Training or Education

  • Apprenticeships

  • On-The-Job Training

  • Certifications

  • Licensing

  • Scholarship Supports

Succeeding at Work

When employed, participants use their skills to advance on their career path, while contributing to a company and their community.

  • Employment

  • Retention Support

  • Advancement

  • Finances and Budgeting

  • Work Supports


Intake Process

The intake for a new Careers Program participant will be facilitated at either IRCNOCO’s home campus or the Lutheran Family Services Greeley office by a Careers Case Manager. This process generally last 45 minutes, and interested participants should come prepared to verify their ability to work in the United States and to speak to their prior work and educational experiences. Having any documentation with you will make this intake process more efficient.


Exploration Process

During this stage of the process, participants who have been selected will explore the possible vocational opportunities in demand in the market as well as prepare their relevant job-seeking materials. Internal to this step will be the creation of an O-Net profile, the creation of a résumé, a cover letter, as well as a career plan for what work will be required for entrance into the desired career field.


Preparation Process

Preparing for work can be an extensive, drawn-out period involving the applying for scholarships, the applying for work through filling out applications, as well as lots of time spent with your case manager preparing for interviews and going over “soft skills” expected of workers in the United States.


Career Readiness

To be fully ready for the job you have applied for, it can sometimes require further credentialing or the practicing of skills you already have to validate your abilities. This section of the program will involve your enrollment into credentialed programs or your beginning on-the-job training through apprenticeships, internships, or temporary employment with a desired agency.



Congratulations: you have achieved your desired vocational position! Just because you have gotten to this step does not mean that you are done, though. Getting the job is one thing: keeping the job is another. At this stage of the process, we will still want to be meeting with you and your employer to make sure you are advancing through your career, improving your income, as well as further upskilling for better upward mobility.